A New Space

I Moved! New blog design and location :) source

I Moved! New blog design and location :)


So it's like official. People want to read the weird stuff I write. Crazy eh? And not just my mom. I mean she loves everything I do cause I'm her daughter. She'd probably tell me if something I was writing sucked, but in a nice "maybe rethink that" type of Mom way. She's great like that. So thanks to all of you readers, who aren't my mom, who think I'm hilarious. Or just like reading about my life so you feel better about yours. I'm not picky. 

And thanks Mom for being the best mother a gal could ask for. Unless you can get me sponsored by JCrew. Then that would elevate your status a lot. No pressure. 

So here I am writing about random crap that happens in my life and people liking it. Did y'all know there are all these "blogger rules?!" Like what type of blog you have and who your audience is, and how you do sponsors and ads, and oh my lord my mind just turned off. One day who knows maybe I'll be a fancy blogger but for now it's like oh hey! Just actually blogging. The End. So if you click on over that's all you're getting. And if you're looking for something fancy- sorry there are like a bajillion other blogs you can check out. My mom will read this no matter what :)