two thousand fourteen.


Gosh, I just love the start of a new year. As a perpetual list maker, day planner addict, and overall organized obsessed gal the start of a new year is a fresh clean slate that inspires and motivates me. This motivation does not always last very long- but it's a start...right???!? I love lists. And goals- and having a way to clearly track the progress I'm making. In the past I've done 101 things in 1001 days, 25 goals before I turned 25, etc. So when I sat down to consider what I want for my life over this next year a common theme kept popping up: SIMPLE. So this year I'm focusing on 14 goals in 2014. The first 7 are very general- more like guidelines for my every day living. The next 7 are specific, measurable goals. If you're feeling inspired you should make yourself a list too! It's never too late to start!


1. Less is MORE.
I know this concept and I've always tried to remember it, but I get so caught up in life that I often forget to practice this idea. So I'm being intentional with my time, what I buy, how I utilize all that I have.

2. More Jesus, ALL THE TIME.
So it's probably telling that this is my second bullet point. whoops! My heart is so full when I turn to Jesus first- but I often run to Him with my plan and ask Him to abide or after a few failed attempts realize He's a good plan B. My hope is to run to Him with no agenda, and just listen. To submit all things to Him first. This could probably be a goal for the rest of my life. Maybe next year it will make the #1 spot ;)

3. Love More.
Funny that my first goal says "LESS" and the following goals all have to do with MORE. But it's a good more! I want my first reaction to always be one of compassion and love. Even when my days are long or I'm just not feeling it. I want to love my family, roommates, boy, young life friends, co-workers, strangers, everyone- more.

4. Be patient.
Yes, I'll be working on this one a lot.

5. More gratitude, Less entitlement. 
I forget where I heard this recently, but gosh it stuck! I want to be thankful for everything- not just the things I want- and I need to remember that I am entitled to nothing. But thankful that God chooses to use me in such extraordinary ways. 

6. Pray BIG.
When I run to God with my plans they are safe, and mediocre. But His plans are extravagant, and challenging. I want to pray BIG! To be challenged BIG.

7. Travel.
Travel is my love language. I have so many places I want to see and go. I'll always be dreaming and jumping at the chance to travel. 

8. Buy new glasses. I just want new cute ones that I can wear when my contacts are killing me. Allergy season is just around the corner so glasses will be a necessity. I've been eye'ing (pun intended) some cute Warby Parker ones. 

9. Journal more often. I love journaling, but I just got out of the habit (read: lazy) and playing candy crush, or checking instagram would fill my extra morning minutes. But I've been journaling more already and it's the best. 

10. Raise $2000 for my trip to Panama!
I'm going to Panama for Spring Break! (The canal one, not the touristy FL "SPRING BREAK" one. Also- I know, I don't get spring break, but I made one for myself. Thanks.) So yes, I leave in sixty-two days. EEEK. 

11. Buy a bicycle. 
This originally said a new computer. But then I got self conscious that all my goals were getting pricey and my first one says less is more. I really want to be a good bicycler. But I'm not- but I see these really pretty bikes at Walmart and I think I could get in the habit. I'm not lying when I say I'm terrible at riding a bike. I did not practice very much when I was younger. Also I lived in southwest Florida. There are no hills. And Tallahassee is like the "City of Hills" or some stupid crap. So my past experiences of bike riding in this town have not been the best. I rock at riding a bike 3 feet below sea level on the smoothest asphalt you've ever seen. Also, helmets do not look good one me.

12. Buy new jeans: that I really love.
Yesterday I ripped my favorite jeans. It was not their time. And they don't make those ones anymore (why, why, WHY, do they discontinuing jeans that people love?) So now I have to find new ones. And I'm picky. And cheap. So the hunt for a few good pairs is on!

13. Learn how to ski.
I want to ski people. Florida has no snow, so so far it's not looking good. I have no experience, no ski gear, and no one interested in teaching me. So far it's not looking too good. So really by "learn" how to ski I mean- just go skiing for the first time. I feel overly confident that I'll be pretty good at skiing. (This is based off of NOTHING. I've never been water skiing and  I suck at skateboarding.) 

14. Beat my PR in my next 1/2 Marathon.
This is last because this is not a goal. It is torture. Running is not fun. But it is rather effective as exercise. So I'll be running another half marathon (in 47 days) My training is not up to where it needs to be. But I do have these fabulous new sneakers that look really good on me while I pitifully run. So there's that. 


Hope you're feeling refreshed and inspired by the New Year! I'm excited for everything that twenty fourteen has to bring!