Control, Alt, Delete. It's a New Year (almost!)

I'm pretty positive I actually deleted a lot of old blog posts. Like 3 years of them. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but they no longer exist. Which is why it looks like I didn't blog for an entire year, but I did- I just have no proof. Whoops! I'm usually pretty tech savvy- but I think my "out with the old, in with the new December cleaning" got the best of me and I threw them all into the cyber trash shoot. Which means I could totally blog about so many of the same things and you all would have to be okay with it, cause no proof otherwise- ha! So let's have a little 2014 recap.... a handful (6) of weddings, birthday celebrations, fun trips, new jobs, stamps in my passport, and lots of joyous days filled the pages of my calendar this year!

JANUARY - Well the NOLES won the National Championship game, so that pretty much started the year off wonderfully :) 

FEBRUARY - I'm sure February was awesome. I just can't remember anything specific so every single day must have been wonderful. You know, just an overall totally awesome month. 

MARCH - I traveled to Panama (the country) with Tallahassee Young Life! Gosh, that was such a sweet, sweet week. This was my first mission trip and it was a wonderful experience. If we run in to each other and you want to hear some of the best stories from the trip ask about - cashews, coca-cola, pink eye/poison ivy in the eye, the morning ritual, our van almost falling off a cliff, or just watch this great video:

APRIL - I started a new job! I left the world of higher education and hopped on over the the non-profit sector. I love, love, love, my job! You can read more about what we do on our website: I jumped right in by executing our annual dinner, which was a great success! You can see pictures from the evening by clicking here

MAY - Manny & Ry got married in May which meant not only did I get to celebrate them, but also so many dear friends came back into town for their wedding! I can't believe they've been living the married life for 7 months already!! 

JUNE - Lots of our time and attention was directed to the Word Cup this month. We were really great Americans and put on our red, white, and blue and drank our favorite america beer. I honestly don't remember what else occupied our June days.... Actually I know we went to Epcot to celebrate my mom's birthday...which was just the best! 

JULY - Oh July, also one of those months where I can't remember anything super specific that happened. I do remember that we went to see fireworks on the fourth of July- and they didn't work. Yup, nothing happened. So after waiting for two hours we all left and didn't see any fireworks go off- it was a little sad. 

AUGUST - Lisa got married! One of my oldest friends tied the knot in Nashville, TN! It was such a beautiful weekend and I loved celebrating her! KK turned another year older and we celebrate din Nashville by hitting up some of the most well known spots- like the Bluebird cafe and Pancake Pantry!

SEPTEMBER - Road Trip! A few of us ladies road trip'd it to Dallas for the first FSU game of the season! I'm now spoiled and would like to watch all of our games from the first row of the Cowboys Stadium. My favorite part of September (and maybe most of the fall) was kicking off Young Life College!!!! I have a really great small group of college ladies who have made my Tuesday nights so great...I'm really excited that this semester we're on campus for club EVERY WEEK! September was a busy month- I also traveled a lot for work this month...taking some of our events on the road all across Florida.

OCTOBER - Jess got married this month, which was so much fun, the seminoles kept on winning AND the greatest event in Tallahassee happens this month: The Greek Food Festival. I managed to hit up the festival three times in the two days that it goes on. I thoroughly enjoyed my favorite greek foods....I'm already counting the days until next year's festival is here. 

NOVEMBER - This month I traveled to Texas for the Young Life College Summit- which was so fun! It was really interesting to see how college towns across the nation are executing College clubs. We got some great ideas, and are excited to kick things off again in 2015! Additionally, one of the best cover bands "Yacht Rock Revue" came to Tallahassee and put on a FREE concert! What a fun start to my birthday weekend! 

DECEMBER - Consisted of Addison and Shawn's wedding, seeing Vanessa, my favorite Manhattan gal and exploring NYC with my most favorite roomie Al (highlights include Cabaret with Alan Cumming and Emma Stone, the Rockettes, more shows, great food, and a selfie with the Rockefeller Tree) Traveling to SWFL for a little Christmas break and getting to spend another year hanging with my favorite guy, B. Woohoo 2014- you were pretty dang great--- Can't believe the year 2-0-1-5 is upon us...I'm starting to feel old or something!