Two Thousand Fifteen.

I'm really good at writing "New Year" posts. Cause I'm all hopped up on that "new year high" and you know- the adrenaline is pumping-- it sounds fun to meal plan, and workout, and wake up extra early. Then after 5 days of that you're over it. And you're back to your normally scheduled routine of not having enough time to get anything accomplished. Three days in and I'm feeling pretty on top of things over here.... so far I've witness some friends get engaged, watched a lot of football, read a book, seen a movie, dreamt about my next year, enjoyed a date night with my sweet man, re-decorated my room, grocery shopped for the next two weeks, done all my laundry (THIS NEVER HAPPENS)- bought new jeans that I really love and weren't a fortune, and my 2015 calendar is currently as up to date a possible. This is probably the most "put together" I'll feel all year, but at least I'll spend the first few days of the new year as organized as possible. Mostly, I hope to spend the rest of the weekend like the above picture-- doing a little design work, eating pizza, and watching movies inside while the rain pours down outside. 

This year is going to be one for the books, I'm sure of it! So many great celebrations happening this year (graduations, weddings, babies!) And the party planner in me can't wait to be a part of each and every single one of them! I'm still working on my official "goals" for this year- but I thought I'd give you a quick update on how I ended my 14 for 2014. I'm thinking more of a 30 before (I turn) 30 set of goals for these next 23 more on that soon. 


----------------------------------- FOURTEEN in TWENTY-FOURTEEN -----------------------------------

1. Less is MORE.
This was my least accomplished goal--- I'm off to a good start now, so I think I'll be more focused this year. But during 2014, this is the one that really fell to the way side. 

2. More Jesus, ALL THE TIME.
I'm feeling really good about my morning routine, my small group involvement, and just the time I set aside to really center my days around Jesus! 

3. Love More.
There's always room for this goal- but I'm feeling good about how this influenced my days in 2014. 

4. Be patient.
Let's just say this one is a work in progress. 

5. More gratitude, Less entitlement. 
Also, feeling great about this-- really using this thought process to go about my life these days. 

6. Pray BIG.
Clinging to this one a lot right now. Praying for a lot of big things this year. 

7. Travel.
Dallas, New York, All over FL- I got in some great travel time-- looking forward to a year with even more adventure!

8. Buy new glasses
I didn't do this yet, because by the time I found the ones I want I was pretty sure my prescription had changed- but it sill be happening this month after a quick trip to the eye doctor!

9. Journal more often
Feeling great about this! All over the journaling these days. 

10. Raise $2000 for my trip to Panama!
CHECK! Panama was awesome. 

11. Buy a bicycle. 
B bought me a bicycle for Christmas--- so watch for me in the streets :)

12. Buy new jeans: that I really love.
I bought a pair that I absolutely LOVED-- a few weeks ago I ripped a huge hole in them. Mehr... however, I did find two new pairs for a total of $30 and either pair might have the potential to become my new favorite jeans. 

13. Learn how to ski.
When I said the first goal was my least accomplished goal- I lied. I forgot this was on the list, that's how not close I became to accomplishing this. I didn't see snow, get to ski, or even think about skiing this year--- this is definitely making my 30 before 30 list. 

14. Beat my PR in my next 1/2 Marathon.
I was planning on running a 1/2 marathon in February with a bunch of my College YL gals- but I hurt my knee a few weeks ago and my running game has been majorly not sure what this will look like. 

Overall, I feel like I did a really great job focusing on many of these goals- because I like to reward myself for completing some, and totally forgetting about others :)