Baby it's cold outside.

When it's cold outside all I want it soup...or chili! Or grilled cheese and tomato soup-- oh goodness I love a warm bowl of happiness during the "winter" months I endure here in the panhandle. One of my friends in college loved making Chili...and it was dang good chili. But I uncovered his secret- and y'all should feel really special because I've decide to share the secret with you. It's so crazy simple that you'll want to make this all the time. Your husbands, boyfriends, guy friends will love you forever...ladies love chili too, we just don't need to be as impressed as the men ;)

It doesn't look like much does it? But oh goodness it's so delicious. Also, the reason my Chili looks like it's in a plastic bag is because it is. Well it's in a ziplock slow cooker liner - which is the BEST invention ever. You don't have to clean the crock pot at all. Which pretty much makes the whole crock pot cooking thing phenomenal. Ok, enough about the awesomeness of crock pots and not cleaning them.... on to the recipe. 

The main secret ingredient that makes your chili super amazing relies completely on "the Brown Bag. 

Yup, this baby contains all the work. Don't follow the directions on the back- well I guess you could- it would probably be good, but I hate directions, so I just do my own thing. You can buy this at Publix, and also Walmart I think. 

Step one: Brown one pound of meat - I use ground turkey... cause it makes me feel all healthy and B can't tell the difference when it's covered in all the other goodness. 

Step two: Everything into the crockpot - a can of diced tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce, two cans of beans- i use kidney and pinto - or two types of kidney, or kidney and northern, whatever feels right- onion powder (I'm allergic to onions so I never cook with them; but onion powder is usually ok), a green pepper, BEER (like a cup? or just pour until it looks good)- something you really like the aftertaste of- I used Sam Adams winter lager and the magical goodness of the Brown Bag. Cook on high for two hours, then on low until you want to eat it. I add lots of cheese and sour cream on top. It's just the BEST. 

Yup, that's all you need to know. Try this out for your Super Bowl party, or when you're short on time and need a great tasting dinner. Ok, I'm going to eat Chili now, bye y'all!